In Memoriam: Jason Boring

Jason Boring

 Posted on August 24, 2023

It is with profoundly heavy hearts, and a tremendous sense of gratitude, that we say goodbye and pay tribute to our Coalition brother Jason Boring. Jason passed unexpectedly in late July. 

Jason joined the SBC cause in June of 2018, and has been a constant collaborator with the SBC team since then. Jason was responsible for developing, innovating, and maintaining SBC’s IT infrastructure and the many valuable tools and applications our members and team rely upon every day.


Among the tools Jason created for the SBC community:

  • The online store and support site for the ERCES Handbook
  • Member Showcase
  • BDA and DAS Database
  • Monthly newsletter construction
  • Career Board
  • US Fire Department Database
  • All contact sync and integration tools
  • Useful Links resource
  • Management of all SBC IT systems

Jason was the primary person a member would interact with when they needed help with any of SBC’s online resources and systems. He allowed direct contact from our members and frequently worked in the wee hours to make sure things ran smoothly for us all.

“The beautiful thing about collaborating with Jason was his ability to hear the needs of the members and to effortlessly translate these into usable tools," said SBC Managing Director John Foley. “You didn’t need to specify the manner of accomplishing it, you just described the desired outcome, and he took care of the rest. That capability is rare, and is enormously valuable.”

Jason was unfailingly pleasant, patient, professional, diligent, responsive, and conscientious. He had a service-oriented attitude, and he was a most trusted and reliable teammate. He touched many people within our community over the five years he worked with us, and the amount of good he did is difficult to measure.

“The work that we do at the Safer Buildings Coalition ultimately saves lives,” said SBC Executive Director Chief Alan Perdue. “I have no doubt that, through his hard work and countless contributions to our cause, Jason helped us save lives – and because of his dedication and commitment his efforts will continue to do so for years and years to come.”

Speaking privately with his family over the past few weeks, they made it clear that Jason took a special measure of pride in the work he did with us. He recognized that what he was doing was important. 

At the time of his passing, Jason was just 48 years of age, and was a resident of Plano, TX. He is survived by his parents, his sisters, and their extended families.

Thank you, Jason. You will be deeply missed, and never forgotten