What is the value of the Coalition?

1. Do you struggle to keep up with Code and Standard changes for public safety wireless projects?
2. Do you have an efficient way to know who the AHJ is, and if they enforce code, across the United States?
3. Do you want, or need, access to quality public safety design and installation training?
4. Do you want to be part of a huge Coalition of like-minded people that strive to influence change for the betterment of all?
5. Do you want more tools to operate your public safety business more efficiently?

Read what our members say:


Stellar Communications Praises SBC  

Stellar Communications

With your assistance in providing key information and code references, we were not only able to keep our original completion date, but we were able to finish ahead of schedule. The ability to finish ahead of schedule will produce an estimated 3.2 million dollars in extra revenue for the airport while providing First Responders with a vital communications system in the event of an emergency. Stellar Communications, Broward County Aviation Department and Broward Fire Rescue are in your debt!


Congratulations and thank you SBC on behalf of Alliance Communications  

Alliance Communications

Recently, various business lobbies put Florida’s commitment to enhanced communication for Public Safety to the test. Multiple bills were introduced to the Florida legislature, each of which was designed to dilute existing codes/laws that would have adversely impact the safety of not only First Responders, but the general public at large.