Member Feature | SOLiD Ensures In-Building Wireless Communications Coverage at Republican & Democratic National Conventions

Posted on August 4, 2016.  

As an organization that advocates for in-building wireless  communications coverage – especially coverage for public safety – it is important that our members align with that mission. With that being said, we are proud to feature one of our member companies, SOLiD – a leader in wireless infrastructure – and the work they did in efforts to keep attendees connected and covered during both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions this past month.

Quicken Loans Arena

By updating the wireless networks at both Cleveland’s Quicken Loan Arena and the Pennsylvania Convention Center with SOLiD’s state-of-the-art distributed antenna systems (DAS), thousands of convention delegates, reporters, and attendees were able to seamlessly text, call, upload photos and video, check social media, and react to news in real time. The ability to communicate during these types of events is not only important from a media coverage standpoint, but also from a public safety standpoint as well. In an in-building emergency situation, it is imperative that first responders are able to communicate with those inside. The use of SOLiD’s DAS during these events ensures that those in-building wireless communications are possible.

As numbers for both conventions were expected to reach over 80,000 in attendance, the in-building wireless communications networks at both venues were able to ensure that critical phone calls, text messages, and media files were delivered – even during the height of convention activity. In the words of SOLiD Americas president Ken Sandfeld, “This year’s political conventions are the most connected and reliable in history. Unprecedented volumes of wireless data will be transmitted at both the Republican and Democratic National Convention venues, and the wireless network is ready, thanks to SOLiD’s ALLIANCE product line, which provides robust edge densification to the carrier networks.”

Pennsylvania Convention Center

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) extend in-building wireless communications coverage so that people can stay connected everywhere – on the subway, in a stadium, at the mall, in their office, etc. SOLiD’s DAS solutions have been engineered to support multiple carriers and public safety bands, ensuring that people can stay safe and connected. Installation of a SOLiD DAS includes placing dozens of remote radio units throughout the venue. Each of these units acts like a mini cell tower to broadcast a carrier’s signal  into the building. This eliminates the dead zones that may result from building materials, and enables the capacity to communicate through congested areas.

From a public safety standpoint, it is critical that large venues possess the ability to provide coverage to those inside – especially during an emergency situation. Without it, lives may be lost. As a coalition, we are proud to have SOLiD on board as a member and fellow advocate for in-building public safety communications.

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Quicken Loans Arena photo: Erik Drost, Wiki Commons; PACC photo: BMK, Wiki Commons