SBC Working with California Stakeholders Towards Recognition of NFPA 1225
Codes and Standards Work Group Sets 2023 Goals, Focuses in on NFPA 1225 TIA’s and State/Local Issues.

Codes and StandardsPosted on January 31, 2023

Chair: Jason Webb, Potter Electric Signal Company
Vice Chair: Joe Kurdas, Graybar
Sponsor: Alan Purdue, SBC

During the past month, the Safer Buildings Coalition Codes & Standards Work Group continued to provide input on code issues as well as move forward other projects. Here are the highlights:

  • New Codes and Standards Work Group Chair:  Josh Gerst (RF Connect) will be leaving the chair position. Thank you for your dedication and service, Josh! In his place as the new chair will be Jason Webb (Potter Electric Signal Company). Joe Kurdas (Graybar) will remain as Vice Chair. 
  • NFPA 1225 Sub-work group:  Work group voted on 7 proposed TIAs for the NFPA 1225 sub-work group.  All seven were approved unanimously in substantial form by the work group. 
  • State Level Responses:  The work group will support the Government Affairs work group on several different state level responses. 
  • FirstNet:  AT&T updated the work group on FirstNet status, plans for the future in the in-building process and how the work group can support that effort. Also discussed continuing engagement with AT&T and SBC In-Building Public Safety Communications seminars.

Thank you to all who continue to participate in the work group. We appreciate your contributions!