Codes and Standards Work Group January 2022 Update

Chief Alan PerduePosted on January 28, 2022

Chair: Josh Gerst, RF Connect
Vice Chair: Joe Kurdas, Graybar
Sponsor: Alan Purdue, SBC

The Codes and Standards Work Group held our monthly meeting on 1/7/22.

We are outside the current national model code cycles, but working on additional input for multiple code issues and are standing up several subcommittees to document and define problems, and provide potential solutions to the larger workgroup for input and recommendation to SBC leadership.

The RF Issues Sub-Committee, chaired by Greg Glenn, is working on issues including P25 Phase 2 filtering requirements, alternating floors coverage, and uplink test methods.

The UL2524 Sub-Committee, co-chaired by Brian Hanson and Mike Brownson, is working on issues including remote powering requirements, addressing battery failure issues by clarifying standard, improving considerations for active, fiber based architectures and remotes, accommodating plug and play modularity and permitting the mix and match of components without having to go back to list every assembly permutation.

The Fire Rated ERCES Cables Subcommittee, chaired by Jeff Hall, is working on issues including providing technical guidance and feedback for the ongoing study with the Fire Protection Research Foundation, and updating the Code Reference Card with new model code for 2022.