DAS Remote Monitoring & Management Webinar With C Squared Systems

Posted on April 28, 2016. 

Recently the Safer Buildings Coalition hosted a webinar exploring DAS Remote Monitoring & Management featuring one our coalition members, C Squared Systems.

On this call we covered the following:DAS Remote Monitoring & Management

  • What is DAS remote monitoring and management? How does it work?
  • What do current codes require in regards to DAS remote monitoring and management?
  • What current opportunities exist with managing and monitoring a DAS remotely?

Though the live webinar is over, we have made a replay available to those were unable to attend.  Click here to register for the replay.

About C Squared Systems

C Squared Systems is a full turnkey system integrator providing RF engineering, consulting, software development, and experience in DAS Remote Monitoring & Management. Ultimately, C Squared Systems aims to help their customers manage and grow their wireless communications network. Their interest in the public safety industry stems from a desire to understand the challenges and concerns that face the entire industry, as opposed to approaching matters from a limited perspective. They have expertise in how to design, install, and maintain the network.  C Squared Systems is a member of the Safer Buildings Coalition, and actively works to combine their expertise with the current needs of the industry.

In a recent interview, C Squared Systems told us they decided to join the Safer Buildings Coalition for the following reasons:

“As a turnkey system integrator that works on the design and deployment of these networks everyday, it is important for us to be on top of code requirement changes and trends as much as possible so that we can adequately advise our clients.  We feel that we can contribute to the development of new code from our field experience as well as from our technical expertise from a vendor natural standpoint.  Lastly, our remote monitoring and management software can greatly contribute to providing a more reliable communication network. And as a result – safer buildings where citizens can consistently establish contact for help in emergency situations as well as first responders being able to communicate onsite and perform their job more safely and efficiently.”

Learn more about the opportunities and challenges of remote DAS monitoring and management by watching our webinar with C Squared Systems. Click below to register for the replay: