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Posted on July 27, 2023

Some associations offer events or training, and perhaps they even have some focus on in-building wireless.

The Safer Buildings Coalition is the only advocacy group and resource for everything related to solving for In-Building Wireless "Dead Zones." Our targeted efforts, capabilities, resources, and advocacy efforts create tremendous value for our industry and our members, while always maintaining focus on our mission.

We would like to enumerate the Coalition’s areas of impact here, and then ask you a question: What do you need from the SBC? 

Safer Buildings Coalition Areas of Impact

  • Thought Leadership
    • The Wireless Dead Zone Narrative
    • National Seminar Program (25 cities in 2023, 33 in 2022)
    • Speaking and advocating at many national and regional events
      • IWCE, ConnectX, APCO, FFMIA and other State Fire Marshal events, NASFM, PSBTA, NIST 5x5, more
    • Content Development
    • Workforce Competency
  • Lobbying / Policy Advocacy
    • Federal, State and Local
    • Advocate for better rules
    • Defend against enforcement bans and restrictions
    • FCC
    • Legislative
    • Defeating Noise and Interference
    • Government Affairs Work Group
  • Codes and Standards Development
    • ICC, NFPA, UL, TIA
    • Codes and Standards Workgroup
  • Workforce Development
  • Market Development
    • Opening new areas for enforcement
    • Trade Association Partnerships
  • Member Services and Resources
    • Answering codes and standards questions in support of projects and AHJ discussions (we do this a lot! Have you asked us?)
    • Sponsorship programs
    • Member Promotion
    • Creating virtual and in-person networking opportunities
    • Many, many resources at
    • Our Member Showcase
    • Our BDA and DAS Directory
    • Member Advocacy Workgroup

Help Us Help You

SBC is very interested in supporting the adjacent sectors of the in-building wireless industry. Tell us what areas you’d like us to create more support and visibility on?

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