Codes and Standards Work Group February 2022 Update

Chief Alan PerduePosted on February 24, 2022

Chair: Josh Gerst, RF Connect
Vice Chair: Joe Kurdas, Graybar
Sponsor: Alan Purdue, SBC

This month, the Safer Buildings Coalition Codes & Standards Work Group provided input on multiple code issues, and stood up several subcommittees to document and define problems in order to suggest solutions to the larger workgroup for input and recommendation to SBC leadership.

SBC petitioned to National Fire protection Association (NFPA) to change NFPA 1225, the “Standard For Emergency Services Communications,” from a five year code cycle to a three year code cycle. NFPA 1225 clarifies each emergency services communications position, its job performance requirements, and its applicable duties. Emergency services communications professionals can use this new standard to measure competency and maintain it through professional development activities.

The work group also began working on guidance for AHJs on some sample written standards to provide when requested. The committee is also working to provide some sample written standards for ERCES systems for future utilization.

The RF issues subcommittee, chaired by Greg Glenn, and UL2524 subcommittee, co-chaired by Brian Hanson and Mike Brownson, began meetings to work on their prospective issues, including P25 Phase 2 filtering requirements, alternating floors coverage, uplink test methods, remote powering requirements, addressing battery failure issues by clarifying standard, improvement considerations for active/fiber based architectures and remotes, among others.

We also provided updates from new member, FirstNet by AT&T, and outlined their plans to work with SBC and the Codes & Standards Workgroup in the future.