Advancement Work Group January 2022 Update

Ray HildPosted on January 28, 2022

Chair: Ray Hild, Founder and Principal, Triangle Advisory Group
Vice Chair: Kenny Blakeslee, President, Apex
Sponsor: John Foley, SBC

The Advancement Work Group is in the process of our annual evaluation of our objectives and adjusting as needed for 2022.

  • Our prime directive is to attract new members, advocate for the existing ones and bring measurable value to our existing membership base. 

There are three main core areas of focus:

  1. Increase the membership base, with a focus on System Integrators, AHJs and License Holders
  2. Outreach programs to our existing membership to solicit engagement and reinforce the SBC value propositions.
  3. Continue developing efficient feedback processes so that all members are heard, and their priorities are made known.

The Community Affairs sub-committee of the Advancement Work Group is charged with identifying SBC member candidates for passionate causes and charitable spotlights.

  • Several members have been identified as candidates to highlight their causes in the SBC newsletter.