Government Affairs Working Group (WG) November and December 2021 Update

Chief Alan PerduePosted on December 21, 2021

Richard Roberts – Chair
Jason Davila – Vice Chair 
Alan Perdue - Sponsor

2022 Florida Legislative Session: HB 785 and SB 1190 have been filed that seek to exempt apartment buildings that are 75 feet or less in height from complying with the minimum radio strength requirements by the Florida Fire Prevention Code (FFPC). If signed into law these bills would jeopardize the safety of emergency responders and occupants in apartments buildings. The Government Affairs WG is currently reaching out to numerous public safety and industry stakeholders to develop a strategy to oppose these onerous bills. 

The WG will seek to include new stakeholders such as law enforcement the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) to see if they are interested in joining the advocacy for public safety in-buildings.

Michigan: HERE is a link to a bill that has been filed seeking to require ERCES to be installed in all K-12 schools. SBC supports the intent of the bill. However, as currently written the bill has several of the same issues as the 2021 bill such as violating FCC rules. The Government Affairs WG will submit a letter of support to the Michigan Fire Chiefs Association and will point out the provisions in the bill that need to be amended.  

State Code Adoption: The Government Affairs WG will begin monitoring the code adoption activities of the major states. The WG will recommend the adoption of the 2022 edition of NFPA 1225 because there are new requirements that will improve the performance as well as reducing interference issue cause from improperly deployed signal boosters.