From the Chief’s Corner: Counting Your Blessings

Chief Alan PerdueChief Alan Perdue (Ret.), CFO, FM,
Executive Director – Safer Buildings Coalition

Posted on November 22, 2021

For a lot of us, Thanksgiving usually means some time off from work, great food, football games, black Friday shopping, time with family and friends, etc. However, if you think back to the very first Thanksgiving it was a much different scene. It was a humble gathering that took place following the Mayflower’s arrival at Plymouth Rock in the year 1620. One fact of interest about that very first Thanksgiving are the uniqueness of those who participated. You see, the Pilgrims suffered a significant loss of colonist during their journey on the Mayflower losing 46 of their original 102 colonist. However, with the help of approximately 90 Indians they were able to work together and survive the harsh winter and through their collective efforts they yielded an abundant harvest in 1621. A classic example of people working together to solve a real problem. 

Sounds a lot like our Coalition right, people coming together to solve the real problem of in-building communications. So, this month I’m not providing any technical information or any of the idioms I usually write about. I simply want to use this article to express how blessed I feel and how truly thankful I am for this great organization. 

  • I am thankful for our industry members who through their generous memberships support the work we all do.
  • I am thankful for our public safety members who provide insight and resources into the real need for public safety in-building communications.
  • I am thankful for our frequency license holder members who make sure the solutions provided do not create unintended consequences that impact the communications systems utilized by our emergency responders.
  • I am thankful for every individual who volunteers their time and expertise to serve others by participating on our work groups or task forces.
  • I am thankful for our knowledge partners who work hand in hand with us to spread the word about the need for in-building communications.
  • I am thankful for the building owners who understand the need for in-building communications and support our efforts by installing solutions where needed.
  • I am thankful for our support staff who do so much work behind the scenes to make sure we achieve our mission of making buildings safer.
  • I am thankful for our executive leadership team and board of directors who provide focus and direction for the organization.
For me, the true meaning of Thanksgiving really focuses upon relationships, and I am thankful for each one I have gained on our journey of making building safer. My prayer for each of you is that you have a Happy Thanksgiving and make time to enjoy some great food but more importantly spend time with the special people in your life. Take care and may God continue to bless this organization, you and your families.