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Safer Buildings Coalition NICET In-Building Public Safety Communications (IB-PSC) CertificationPosted on March 4, 2021
In-Building Technical Certification and Reference / Study Guide Update
By John Foley – Managing Director, Safer Buildings Coalition

The Safer Buildings Coalition NICET In-Building Public Safety Communications (IB-PSC) Certification is on track for a May 2021 rollout, with the first of two exams almost ready for release.

“Item writing is complete for Level I and Design,” said Chip Hollis, Senior Director, Credentials and Administration for NICET. “So, we are on schedule for a May release for Level I and Design. We are scheduled to begin work on Levels II and III in March with a September release date.”

In-Building Reference and Study Guide Progress
Writing continues in earnest for the authoring team. The topical outlines are complete and principal content drafting is in very advanced stages.

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