Government Affairs Workgroup Update - April 2024


Posted on April 24,, 2024

Chair: Jim Loftus, Product Manager, Siemens
Vice Chair: Richard Roberts, Industry Affairs, Honeywell
Sponsor: Alan Perdue, SBC
Co-Sponsor: John Foley, SBC 

The group's April meeting covered:

Continue Monitoring State and Local markets for introduction of any bills of interest to SBC

-Monitoring of Federal Government- FCC- on 4.9 spectrum- no new updates

-June’s 2nd annual Tech and Policy Summit – topics for agenda, key stakeholders to invite, how to get word out further to drive the right attendance.

-Formed a new sub-committee to research Alyssa’s Law and all the State statues either passed or proposed and SBC can contribute to the goals.

Anyone interested in join subcommittee and contributing, please contact [email protected]