Member Advocacy Work Group Update - April 2024

Member AdvocacyPosted on April 24, 2024

Co-Chair: Aaron Friedman
Co-Chair: Mikkel Schultz, SBC
Sponsor: John Foley, SBC

The Safer Buildings Coalition Member Advocacy Work Group met earlier this month. On the agenda: IWCE, the In-Building Wireless Tech & Policy Summit and the next SBC Town Hall meeting.

The group exchanged impressions and discussed a successful IWCE, including the Annual Member Reception, Dinner & Meeting and the updates SBC leadership provided during the event.

The group also discussed the upcoming Summit in DC and how to promote the event. Work Group Co-Chair Aaron Friedman is currently working on arranging a hospitality event the night before the Summit. Stay tuned for information about that.

Finally, the group decided to postpone the next Town Hall meeting to Q3 as the Member Dinner & Meeting at IWCE served to provide key updates on the Coalition.

If you are interested in learning more about the Member Advocacy Work Group, please reach out to us at [email protected] to schedule a call. SBC is always looking for new members to join the journey of making our buildings safer and Coalition stronger.