SBC Board At-Large Candidate: Scott Umemoto

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Scott Umemoto
Director of Strategic Technologies 
Day Wireless Systems

Office Sought: At-Large
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Scott Umemoto Bio:

Scott Umemoto is the Director of Strategic Technologies for Day Wireless Systems. Scott has served on the SBC Board of Directors since September, 2021, in the role of Interim At-Large Board Member.

Scott's experience in RF started with Motorola in 1985. He has been with Day Wireless for the past 22 years, holding the positions of Area Sales Manager and Service Manager. In 2017, he took on his current role which primary focus is DAS sales in WA, OR, CA, ID, and now UT. However, Day Wireless supports customer DAS systems throughout the US and 14 other countries and counting. Day Wireless has always been one of Motorola's top dealers in the nation. Recognized as a top tier organization for sales and service, serving both commercial and public safety communication needs.

Scott Umemoto Statement to Members:

Dear Coalition Members:

It was my pleasure to serve on the SBC Board the past year, in the At-Large position.

As a first-time member and starting with travel restrictions, it was a challenging start. Now that I've had an opportunity to actually meet and work with other members in-person, I believe a second term will be much more productive. So, once again, I am applying for the At-Large position.

In 10 fast years, SBC has seen tremendous growth and with that, tremendous influence in the public safety DAS space. There are still many challenges ahead, more battles to face, more education to be presented. SBC will face them all head-on and at the same time continue to build on it’s solid foundation of a vocal leader for our first responders safety.

I want to thank the board members for their support and look forward to working with them in the future.

Kindest Regards,

Scott Umemoto
Director of DAS Solutions
Day Wireless Systems

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