Safer Buildings Coalition Code Update

"Crafting The Code | The Future of In-Building Public Safety Wireless Communications"


Executive Director,
Safer Buildings Coalition


As many of you know, the Safer Buildings Coalition has been actively working with various stakeholders including our SBC members to create and advocate for in-building codes that help to ensure that critical communication can happen when it is needed most. 

Recently we participated in the ICC Group B Committee Action Hearings to advocate not only for the proposals we created last Fall, but also similar proposals in alignment with our core mission. 

We held a webinar to discuss the results of these hearings including how these proposals may affect your organization in the near future.  In order to help you stay at the forefront of in-building public safety wireless communication, we recorded the presentation and have made it available for you to watch.  Simply sign up below. 

In this presentation we also provide a general overview of how the code adoption process works and how you can be involved in shaping the future of in-building public safety wireless communication.

Please click the link below and register today to get up to speed. 

Yours very truly,

~ Alan

  • Discover how the in-building public safety wireless code adoption process works.
  • Understand how different interpretations of the code affects your organization.
  • Gain insight into how in-building public safety wireless codes could look like in the near future.