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ICC Survey: 93 Percent of Departments Are Still Performing Inspections During Corona Crisis

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Survey of U.S. code officials shows trends in code compliance during COVID-19 

From March 22 through April 1, 2020, the International Code Council (ICC) surveyed building and fire departments in all 50 states to learn how code officials are coping with the professional challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The results of the survey, which ICC released on April 6th, show how jurisdictions throughout the U.S. are keeping up with inspections, new building permits and new construction.


Unite to Thrive Survey - Answers and Resources

SBC Unite to Thrive

We continue to answer your tough questions 

As we Unite to Thrive during these difficult times, the Safer Buildings Coalition continues to find answers to your most pressing questions.

Today, we have the answers to two of the questions members asked before last week's week's Town Hall meeting:

Are inspections still being conducted?
Is the pandemic affecting availability of materials for projects?



Unite to Thrive - How the Pandemic Affects Safer Buildings Coalition Members' Supply Chains

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Most reported that activity and shipments had either not changed or had increased somewhat - but expect change

Prior to the Safer Buildings Coalition's March 31st Unite to Thrive Town Hall meeting, we asked you to submit your most pressing questions at this difficult, uncertain time. One question that caught our attention was: Is the pandemic affecting availability of materials for projects? This question addresses crucial supply-chain issues that affect the industry as a whole. So we decided to go back to our member base and pose this question directly those who are affected the most.