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Safer Buildings Coalition Issues “No Noise” Call to Action and Position Paper

No News Task Force Call to ActionPosted on April 5, 2021

On Thursday, March 4, 2021, the No Noise Task Force held a Radio System Manager Roundtable session. The roundtable group discussed the key objectives of the task force and the desired outcomes which include:

  • Evaluate, refine and affirm the principles for safe and effective in-building communications
  • Emerge with actionable recommendations, processes, standards, or other guidance that will lead and assist all stakeholders toward an ideal public safety communications environment.


From the Chief’s Corner: Listen with Intent to Understand

Listen Graphic

Posted on April 5, 2021

At the Coalition we talk a lot about communication. For example, just look at a couple of terms we use almost daily, (ERCES) Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement System and Communications when you need it most.

For many of us, communication is really the single most important skill in this journey we call life. Along that journey, we learn how to express the art of communication through reading, writing, and of course speaking. But there is one attribute in the art of communication that is often a little less refined, and that my friend is listening.


Meet the Newest Safer Buildings Coalition Members

Posted on April 5, 2021Meet the Newest members

The Safer Buildings Coalition continues to grow. We now have more than 140 members organizations across several categories. We value each and every member, and it's our pleasure to introduce you to a few of the latest additions to our member base: Kenny Chen, Professional Engineer, Fire Controls, Inc., New River Community and Technical College, RK Squared, LLC, RedTop Group, LLC, and Virginia Tech.


Safer Buildings Coalition WORK GROUP ROUNDUP - February 2021 

Please watch this month's video updates from the Chairs of the Safer Buildings Coalition’s five work groups on their group’s activities, achievements and needs.

Click on the links or images to watch the video messages below:


Big Stakes for Building Owners and Industry – Weigh In!

Broward Feedback Graphic

Expensive lighting protection and conduit requirements are key issues 
Posted on April 5, 2021

The Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals (BORA) BDA Committee held a virtual meeting on Monday, March 29th, where they presented the latest proposed updates to their BORA rules and guidelines pertaining to BDA’s. Industry must provide feedback to avert expensive overreach in the areas of lightning protection and conduit requirements.


Lightning Protection and NFPA 780 – Swing and a Miss!

Wasting Money Graphic

Misapplication of NFPA 780 Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems to BDA systems results in enormous, unjustifiable cost. 
Posted on April 5, 2021

Currently, NFPA 1221 [Standard for the Installation, Maintenance, and Use of Emergency Services Communications Systems] specifies using NFPA 780 [Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems]. While well-intended, this is like using a bazooka to kill a fly. The new 1225 standard (due in 2022) will seek to correct this error. But jurisdictions enforcing this requirement today are needlessly driving up BDA system costs to unnecessary levels.


Update March 2021 - SBC NICET Certification Program and In-Building Reference and Study Guide

Certification Graphic

Posted on April 5, 2021

The NICET In-Building Public Safety Communications Certification Program, and the accompanying Reference and Study Guide, are making great progress!

Certification Program
NICET is currently in the question writing phase for certification tests for the Design and Tech I certifications. These should be completed by May. Work on Tech II and Tech III exams should begin shortly, with tests available early 3rd quarter.


John Foley, Managing Director of Safer Buildings Coalition, is Appointed to the Center for Campus Fire Safety (CCFS) Advisory Council


Posted on April 5, 2021

SBC is pleased to announce that John Foley has been appointed to the Advisory Council at the Center for Campus Fire Safety. CCFS is the voice of over 4000 campus fire & life safety officials nationwide.  They are a non-profit, membership based, organization devoted to reducing the loss of life from fire at our nation's campuses. 


Member Spotlight: VoltServer 

VoltServer Logo

Posted on April 5, 2021

SBC interviewed Luke Getto, from VoltServer and here is some interesting information about what the company has to offer.

Q: What is Voltserver? 
A: VoltServer is the leading provider of intelligent, premise-based power distribution solutions leveraging Digital Electricity™ from centralized source to distributed endpoint loads to enable customer’s essential applications.  VoltServer’s patented and proven Digital Electricity™ (DE) solutions deliver cost-effective, high-reliability power where and when you need. 


Safer Buildings Coalition No Noise Task Force Official Launch

No News Task Force Structure Posted on March 4, 2021
Steering Committee Kicks Off Task Force, FCC Formally Assigns Resources

The Safer Buildings Coalition is pleased to announce that our No Noise Task Force has launched. The Steering Committee has been selected and we held our first call Tuesday, February 23rd.


What the In-building Industry and AHJs Need

Safer Buildings Coalition NICET In-Building Public Safety Communications (IB-PSC) Certification

Posted on March 4, 2021
In-Building Technical Certification and Reference / Study Guide Update
By John Foley – Managing Director, Safer Buildings Coalition

The Safer Buildings Coalition NICET In-Building Public Safety Communications (IB-PSC) Certification is on track for a May 2021 rollout, with the first of two exams almost ready for release.

“Item writing is complete for Level I and Design,” said Chip Hollis, Senior Director, Credentials and Administration for NICET. “So, we are on schedule for a May release for Level I and Design. We are scheduled to begin work on Levels II and III in March with a September release date.”

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