Codes and Standards Work Group May 2023

Codes and StandardsPosted on June 7, 2023

Chair: Jason Webb, Potter Electric Signal Company
Vice Chair: Joe Kurdas, Graybar
Sponsor: Alan Perdue, SBC

The world of codes and standards development is all about cycles. And sometimes they align in an “off-cycle” period. That’s where many of the documents relevant to the SBC’s Codes and Standards Work Group find themselves in the first half of 2023. But while that may seem like a break for the C&S group, nothing could be farther from the truth. The working group has been as busy as ever reviewing current codes and standards and developing proposed changes for future editions. 

A short sampling of that work includes: 

  • Proposed Updates to NFPA 1225. NFPA 1225 is one of the documents that is in between cycles, but several issues have been raised that need addressing sooner rather than later. SBC has a sub-work group dedicated to getting these TIAs (Tentative Interim Amendments in NFPA parlance) crafted and through the process. That work is ongoing and will continue throughout 2023. 

  • International Fire Code 2027 Edition. If it seems like efforts to update last edition of the International Fire Code just wrapped up, that’s because they did. The new 2024 IFC hasn’t even been published yet, but work on the next edition is in full swing. Proposed changes to the fire code are due in January of 2024. 

  • State-Level Adoptions. The C&S Work Group works hand-in-hand with SBC’s Government Affairs Work Group to monitor, track, and influence where possible, the local and state-level adoptions of relevant codes and standards. Many states have just completed their legislative sessions adopting new codes and more are upcoming in the near future. One goal of the C&S group is to see that NFPA 1225 is referenced by jurisdictions as they adopt new codes. 

As you can see, its been a busy spring and looks to be an even busier summer for the Codes and Standards Work Group. Thank you to all the members who dedicate their time to helping out on these critical tasks. There’s always room for more! Please reach out if you are interested in becoming a part of the team.