Doing Well While Doing Good: SBC Member Community Affairs Spotlight

CE BannerCommunications Electronics supports impoverished children in Uganda through SOZO

Posted on May 5, 2022

*Editor’s note – Safer Buildings Coalition celebrates the work of our members and their impact in the community beyond their customers. For that reason, from time to time we showcase a member and a cause they support to promote awareness. This article below comes from Roger Cassell, President and CEO of Communications Electronics.

Communications Electronics is a family-owned wireless communications company dedicated to the communities near and far. We are grateful to have the opportunity to provide support to an organization like SOZO Children who is on the front lines of bringing hope to children in one of the world’s most impoverished areas. SOZO was founded in 2010 out of an urgent need to care for neglected children in a community in Uganda.

More than 75% of Uganda’s population are under the age of 30, and yet the annual household income remains less than $1,000. SOZO Children was founded when two missionaries discovered a group of children in dire need of care, and proceeded to do the only thing they knew to do; help. With the local Ugandan Government's help, in just ten days a new home was provided, so that seventeen children had a roof over their heads, clean clothes, and hope for the future. Today, SOZO Children supports hundreds of children’s care and education, and provides the opportunity for those generous and willing to support individual children in need of healthcare, food, education and hope.

Our CE family has seen firsthand many of the challenges that children face every day in Uganda.  Despite lacking the most basic necessities, these children are grateful for what they have and what they receive. SOZO Children provides a direct connection to individual children for supporting their needs. We encourage you to go to to learn more about SOZO Children and ways that you can support their mission, including becoming a child sponsor to make a significant impact on an Ugandan child's life.

Additionally, the SOZO Children’s Choir is a group of children who travel from Uganda to America as the SOZO Children’s Choir, touring at churches, schools, and events. You can experience cultural Ugandan singing and dancing with African instruments and support this organization and these children. 

Visit to learn more and to find event information.

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