Safer Buildings Coalition proudly recognizes International Firefighters’ Day

International Firefighters’ Day

Posted on May 4, 2021

Safer Buildings Coalition proudly recognizes International Firefighters’ Day which is observed each year on May 4th. As an organization that recognizes and honors first responders such as firefighters, we will always remember and honor them for their heroic efforts and bravery while facing danger each and everyday in their lives without warning. 

Today is the day where the world can come together and thank these brave men and women for dedicating their lives to protecting human lives, animal lives and property.

By proudly wearing and displaying blue and red ribbons pinned together or by participating in a memorial or recognition event, we can show our gratitude to firefighters everywhere.

”Everyday, firefighters across the world put their lives on the line for the preservation of life and property within their respective communities. Regardless of what jurisdiction they serve, these men and women who make up the world's fire service are a community of true public servants who are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice in the process of serving their fellow citizens. They provide a tremendous value and service to all of us in our time of need,” said Chief Alan Perdue, Executive Director of Safer Buildings Coalition. 

“On this day, May 4, 2021, International Firefighters’ Day, let us both honor, remember and pay tribute to all firefighter's past, present and future. I pray for your safety and protection and extend my personal thanks for your selfless dedication and service to make our world a safer place.”