SUMMIT HIGHLIGHT: 9-1-1 Inside: An Urgent Call to Action 

Special Tech Summit Panel Highlights Our Vision for a Safer World

9-1-1 Inside

Posted on May 23, 2024

The FCC estimates that a one-minute improvement in 9-1-1 response time would save 10,000 lives in the US each year. It’s a sobering message, which only underscores the importance of the Safer Buildings Coalition’s mission to eliminate wireless dead zones so that first responders and the public they serve can communicate at all times.

Many of you attended the Coalition’s Member Dinner & Meeting at IWCE in Orlando where SBC Founder Seth Buechley introduced “SBC 3.0,” which aims to rally code officials, decision makers, industry – everyone in our field – behind a bold call to action: 9-1-1 Inside.

What it means: Calls and texts to emergency services initiated from inside buildings should always get through, with clarity and accurate location. Quite simply. Time Is Life.

Seth will be moderating a special panel session focusing on 9-1-1 Inside at the In-Building Wireless Tech & Policy Summit. In this session, Seth and three expert panelists will explore the meaning of this bold call to action, why it is key to having safer buildings – and, crucially, how we can realize this bold vision.

Session Speakers:

  • Seth Buechley, SBC Founder and Cathedral Consulting CEO (Moderator)
  • Heather McGaffin - Director, DC Office of Unified Communications 
  • Mark Ryckman - City Manager, City of Corning NY 
  • Ed Parkinson - President, Public Sector, RapidSOS



9-1-1 Inside: A Call to Action 
Thursday, June 6th, 2024 
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM 


Safer Buildings Coalition In-Building Wireless Tech & Policy Summit 
National Housing Center, Washington, DC 
June 6th, 2024 

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